Candidate for Governor of Minnesota


With our current governor having just announced that he will not be running for re-election in 2010, I have decided to announce my candidacy for the office.  I may not be a very high profile candidate, but I think I have some good qualities to bring to the office.

I am a truly neutral party. I would run as an Independent–not Independence Party, but Independent.  There are quality positions in the platform of every major party, and many of the minor ones.  As a member of no party, I would not have a party machine to try to keep happy.  I can do a better job of always making the decision that will best serve the people of Minnesota, NOT other members of my party looking towards re-election or higher offices.

I am non-confrontational. Unlike some who get into politics, it isn’t the fight and it isn’t simply winning I’m interested in.  I will make decisions.  If you disagree with me, I WILL listen to your point of view.  If you present it logically you actually will have a chance of changing my mind.  I do not reject ideas out of hand simply because they came from someone else.

I am not controversial. I do not have embarrassing items in my past.  In the informational world I am practically a non-entity.  When I do a Google search on myself I have trouble finding much besides my Twitter and Google profiles.  I have no voting record to explain.  I have no policy flip-flops to justify.

I am not a career politician. We’ve heard that line a lot before but when you actually look at their history you see candidacies for school boards, city councils, county boards and the like.  A whole string of elections both won and lost.  They’re really trying to say that they aren’t the person currently holding the office they are seeking.  I am the epitome of not being a career politician.  I have only run for one office in my life and came in sixth in a field of eight (and one of the people I beat had actually withdrawn after it was too late to get them off the ballot).

I’m cheap. I think the state deserves value from it’s elected officials.  Seeing as how I do have less experience than my rivals for the office, I feel it would be fair to receive a lower salary.  I hereby pledge to return a minimum of 25% of my salary as governor back into the state’s general fund.  This could increase based on whatever benefits are included, but at minimum 25% will be given back to the state.

I would have absolutely no clue what I was doing. OK, I know that sounds like a strange thing to use as a positive quality, but hear me out.  I would be walking in admitting I don’t know what is going on and therefore would have no preconceived notions as to what to do.  I would have to listen to all sides of an issue before coming up with a direction to go.  Besides, aren’t we all tired of people who don’t have a clue but won’t admit it?  People who need help but won’t ask for it?  I would be begging for help–heck, I’ll cry like a little girl if that’s what is necessary.

If her residency requirements can be established, I plan to name Amelia Earhart as my Lieutennant Governor running mate.  (She did spend part of her junior year in high school at Central High School in St. Paul.)  I know she’s been missing for over 70 years, but since the only official constitutional duty is as ex-officio head of the State Senate, I think her not being immediately available won’t be a major problem.  Her experience in health care, fashion and aviation could bring some very interesting insights to the table.  Until she actually reports for duty, her salary (and any amounts allowed for her staff) can be returned to the state’s general fund.  As a backup plan, I am willing to consider other potential running mates, so if you are interested in the job, let me know and I will give you every consideration.

Thank you, and I look forward to your support.


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