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Statistics are an interesting beast.  You can make statistics say whatever you want, provided you ask the right questions (or ignore the “wrong” answers.  This came to mind today when I received a mail advertisement for an auto insurance company.  The outside proclaimed that “people who switched saved an average of $484”.  This is a […]

A Baking Myth


Many people have given up baking from scratch at home. They use the premade cookie dough, premade pie crust, boxed cake mixes, etc. They have gotten scared from doing it themselves because they have heard that everything needs to be precise. You’ll hear many cookbooks tell you how IMPORTANT precise measuring is when it comes […]

(For my first Cooking on the Cheap post click here.) My experimenting with salsa began oddly enough out of a misguided laziness. We wanted Mexican food for dinner, but the ONLY thing we were missing was salsa. I’ve always disliked going out to the store for only one ingredient, even though we have a grocery […]

In my searching for a job, I’ve come across a lot of people who are frustrated about the whole process.  They complain that they send in a resume and never hear back.  They seem to expect the company call every single person who even sends in a resume.  It is an unrealistic expectation.  When you […]

When you look at it, bread is probably taken for granted more than any other food.  It is also extremely versatile and can be the epitome of comfort food.  When you walk past a bakery and smell the fresh bread baking it pulls you and makes you at the very least slow down for a […]