32 Weeks Later


Finally!   Thirty-two weeks after being dumped from my job of over eight years and my first time not working in over 22 years I am once again gainfully employed.  I had a really great interview just over two weeks ago.   It was another long one like I had back in May (ugh, four months ago!).   Then he called me in to do an On the Job Evaluation.  So last Friday I went in and spent the day, learned a bit about what the place is like, helped out on the shift and got an opportunity to see if it felt right.   This afternoon he called and offered me the job.

It is around a 20 percent pay cut over my last job, but that is a sacrifice I expected.   The pay scale is a bit different than at my last company.  When you don’t have a job it is really hard to negotiate for the same or even greater pay.  Then again I also look at it as a raise of over 40% over what I was making on unemployment.  Yes, I do often manage to find the bright side of things.

There are also some intangible benefits.  My last restaurant was open until 1am every night.  By the time I got home from a closing it was often past 3 and I wouldn’t be able to get to sleep until close to 4am.   Wife’s alarm goes off at 6 and I would have to make sure my son was up and off to school at 8.  Of course odds were that a couple days later I would be opening which meant getting up around 5 or so.  I think the only time I actually got a decent night’s sleep in 2008 was during the week or two of vacation I was able to get.  I just can’t make that dramatic a shift in sleep schedule.  The new place closes at 9pm.  I should be home and in my jammies by 11 every night!  In 2007 I ended up cancelling my vacation THREE TIMES because things happened to other managers on the staff (always DURING the GMs vacation).   The new place has enough flexibility that vacations should happen as scheduled.

Now the list of things to do: go to all the job boards and take my resume private (I don’t need people to be able to search it and companies get nervous when they see employees looking for jobs), turn off the RSS feeds from Craigslist and CareerBuilder, cut the Twitter feeds, double check the wardrobe for work.  My Honey-Do list is going to be huge this week.  I suddenly don’t have to spend all week job hunting and genuinely have free time.

(Yes, this post was written in September and not actually posted until November.  I saved it as a draft and forgot to go back and publish it.  I started typing this as I tried to get hold of my wife to give her the good news.   She was mad that when I got let go the first thing I did was get my job search started and didn’t tell her until she got home that evening.  I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.   But I had to get some of the excitement out.  Then some phone calls/emails to friends and family to share the good news.  But my wife needed to be first this time.)


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