A Political Annoyance


I just got my mind tweaked into annoyance by something related a recent endorsement in the Minnesota Governor race.  The Minnesota Association of Professional Employees (the union for Minnesota state employees) just recently announced they were endorsing Minnesota House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher.  It’s not the fact that I personally think there’s a better candidate—people can and should endorse/support whoever they want.  It’s not the ethical gray area that is being approached by a union of government employees endorsing a political candidate.  It is a quote by the union’s Executive Director Jim Monroe.  “We believe she is the most electable candidate in the race.” (From StarTribune political reporter Rachel Stassen-Berger http://twitter.com/RachelSB/status/5652362902.  Full story: http://bit.ly/7ggIn.)  Monroe continues with references to her ability to raise money and her campaign structure.  There is no mention of the simple question of whether or not she will do a good job.


Why does there appear to be no consideration of her stand on issues?  What she’ll do for the state’s education system.  How she’ll resolve the budget issues.  How she’ll promote the state as a great home for business.  What she wants to do regarding the health care/health insurance system.  I would even have been OK if MAPE had just flat out made a blatantly self-interested statement that she a strong supporter of the MAPE union.  But endorsing her because she can raise money?  Because she has won elections before?  When did the BEST candidate stop being the same as the most electable?  Worrying about “most electable” leads down the slippery slope of style over substance.  That’s a great way to really get things messed up.


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