Shiny Object Syndrome


I suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome.  Not the traditional “tech” version where you get sucked in by the latest and greatest in gadgets and technology.  I actually have really good control over that one.  I’ll see these new gadgets and think “Kind of neat, but is it really useful?  I don’t need it.”  I’m talking about being distracted from the task at hand in everyday life.

I have many projects that I have started and not finished.   I get distracted and start something new and it just seems too hard to go back and finish something.   I have 3 fiction books, three non-fiction books, three different business ideas, a musical comedy adaptation, and two blogs I sporadically update.  My kitchen cupboards are pulled apart to redo, half of them in my basement workroom.  Said workroom is a disaster making the cupboard project difficult and cleaning the workroom would be much easier if I had the workroom to help organize it.  I could use the garage as an extra workroom save for two problems: 1) I don’t have a man cave (like my neighbor is building *jealous*) and 2) the garage is a mess (dare I admit that we’ve lived here for over 6 years and I could count on one hand the number of times we’ve used the garage for say, parking a car?).  My kitchen can’t actually stay clean for more than a half hour at a time, although it probably doesn’t help that the minute we actually get it clean I get the urge to make something involving around 6 or 7 pans and bowls.

I’ve heard of Executive Functioning Disorder and wonder if I might have it, or if I might be ADHD or any of a number of other things.  But since I actually am a reasonably well-functioning member of society–I have a job, pay my taxes, vote when I’m interested in the candidates and/or issues, don’t commit horrible crimes–there doesn’t seem to be a compelling reason to find out for sure.  If I have any of the possible conditions/afflictions/disorders the choices after being officially diagnosed seem limited: get put on drugs to “manage” the situation (not appealing since there are risks and side-effect potentials and as I said I function reasonably well as it is), or use various “self-help” tools to manage the situation which I can do on my own without a prescription.  Only problem with the self-help route is the fact that I can be distracted from using said tools.

More evidence of being easily distracted from things: I originally started this post December 10.  Final posting date: January 21.  And for your U.S.R.D.A. of irony one of those books I have started: Its title is “Shiny Object Syndrome”.


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