Kitchen Tool Junkie


I am a kitchen tool junkie.   I have more kitchen tools than I know what to do with.  Some guys go into Home Depot and dream about getting the big power tools (OK, I actually do that, too).  I go in to my local kitchen store (Cooks of Crocus Hill) and wish and dream.  There is very little in the store that I wouldn’t welcome in to my kitchen with open arms.

Of course I have the huge collection of wooden spoons, rubber scrapers and other miscellaneous tools filling three containers on the counter.  The block of knives is over on another counter (I got this set around 15 years ago and it’s still going strong).  I have five sets of measuring cups and six sets of measuring spoons that fill an entire drawer, and I still never seem to have the size I need clean.  I have a second drawer dedicated to wire whips.  I have two other drawers packed with miscellaneous small tools.  Eight cutting boards which are almost constantly dirty.  I am currently shopping for my third cookware set to supplement my seven cast iron pans and one really nice sauce pan.  But it doesn’t stop there.  I have a mess of machines, too.

I have five different Coffee makers (one is a French press so I guess it’s not really a machine).  My Kitchen Aid stand mixer which is now almost 20 years old–and they still make the same model.  The KitchenAid blender that is almost as old.  Then the whole collection of single/limited purpose gadgets: waffle iron, pizelle maker (yes, a gadget just to make these cookies), a panini maker, two popcorn poppers, a bread machine that I haven’t used in over 7 years, spritz press, mechanical pastry bag, rice cooker, and ice cream maker.  I can do a four course dinner entirely of fondue without washing anything (yes, that means I have four fondue pots).

One common tool I do not own and really don’t plan on getting is a food processor.  I have other tools that can do anything the food processor can do.  And whatever time I can save in the actual chopping of food seems to disappear in the set up, break down, and cleaning of the machine.  But who knows?  I’ll probably go ahead and get one anyway.  I just have to figure out where to put it.


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