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Having not gone to the Minnesota State Fair for the second year running, I had to bring one of the food staples of any local festival home:  Corn Dogs.  Yes, I know I can go to the grocery store and buy corn dogs–even State Fair brand corn dogs.  But corn dogs are so much better […]

A while back I started playing with sauces.  I came up with a rather tasty Honey Pear Sauce good for chicken.  A couple days later I was staring into the fridge again trying to make something to go with the beef roast I had sitting around that wasn’t the usual brown gravy.  I always like […]

Yesterday was the last day of the Minnesota State Fair.  I didn’t make it there for the second year in a row which for someone who has lived in Minnesota his entire life is a little unusual.  It’s a little like someone who lives in Los Angeles telling you they have never seen the ocean. […]