To my wife on the occasion of our Anniversary:


(This sounded more eloquent in my head as I thought about it, but it was more important to me to say it clumsily than not at all.)

I am extremely happy and proud to have been married to you for these last 22 years. Without you my life would not be the joy it is.

You indulge my dreams. When I express interest in opening my own restaurant or starting up a food truck your immediate response is not to think it is silly. Instead you ask what we would need to make it happen. I think of writing a book and am met with nothing but encouragement.

You have put up with what we like to call my mid-life crisis. When I wanted to teach myself to play guitar, you helped find one along with music to start with. I didn’t just start running but chose to do it in those funky “toe-shoes” and your only concern was that I not hurt myself. Even letting my hair grow out was met with little more than a questioning look.

I love going on our dates which I often like to think of as adventures. We have been going new places and trying new things and every one of them has been more fun with you there to share them and talk about them afterward.

Hearkening back to “our song” that I sang  to you at our wedding—I’m still trying to save time in a bottle, but my box of wishes remains empty.

I am thrilled that I get to grow old with you.

I love you with all my heart.

Your Adoring Husband


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