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Having not gone to the Minnesota State Fair for the second year running, I had to bring one of the food staples of any local festival home:  Corn Dogs.  Yes, I know I can go to the grocery store and buy corn dogs–even State Fair brand corn dogs.  But corn dogs are so much better […]

A while back I started playing with sauces.  I came up with a rather tasty Honey Pear Sauce good for chicken.  A couple days later I was staring into the fridge again trying to make something to go with the beef roast I had sitting around that wasn’t the usual brown gravy.  I always like […]

My wife had picked up some guava juice a while ago for a little beverage variety (guava juice, some fresh squeezed lime and sparkling water–yum).  Well, it was getting close to its expiration date so I figured it was time to use it or lose it, so I pulled out my copy of The Flavor […]

Back in October (the 8th to be exact) was the first National Pirogi Day. My son loves them and so I decided I wanted to make them instead of suffering with a premade frozen version. So we emailed my Aunt and Uncle for a possible recipe. I remember that when I was younger, any big […]

This is a recipe I threw together from some random things around the kitchen.  It was time to cook dinner and I desperately needed to make something different than usual.  My wife had gotten The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg on loan from the library and I picked it up.  The bulk of the […]

(For my first Cooking on the Cheap post click here.) My experimenting with salsa began oddly enough out of a misguided laziness. We wanted Mexican food for dinner, but the ONLY thing we were missing was salsa. I’ve always disliked going out to the store for only one ingredient, even though we have a grocery […]

When you look at it, bread is probably taken for granted more than any other food.  It is also extremely versatile and can be the epitome of comfort food.  When you walk past a bakery and smell the fresh bread baking it pulls you and makes you at the very least slow down for a […]