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I heard on the radio earlier today a report (one of the almost weekly reports) on the latest unemployment figures. The thing that struck me the most was the statement that for unemployment rates to go down there needs to be a decrease in new claims. That seems a little like saying to someone “To […]

Yesterday was the last day of the Minnesota State Fair.  I didn’t make it there for the second year in a row which for someone who has lived in Minnesota his entire life is a little unusual.  It’s a little like someone who lives in Los Angeles telling you they have never seen the ocean. […]

The social life of a restaurant manager can be a very unusual beast.  Mine is very much like a pink unicorn–mythical.  It does have something to do with my nature of being an introvert.  But there are other things that come into play. First off, think about the sort of activities you often will do […]

We keep hearing pundits lamenting how the economy is hurting the “middle class”.  But how often do we stop and think what exactly does “middle class” mean?  Do you define it by type of job?  Lifestyle?  Income?  Or maybe the Supreme Court’s obscenity test (I know it when I see it)? Maybe we look at […]

I have a strange fascination with a certain traffic control device that I have seen popping up more and more around the Twin Cities.  The Roundabout! My family looks at me strangely everytime we see one.  I get kind of excited, especially if we have to make a left turn through the roundabout–you get to […]

I am a kitchen tool junkie.   I have more kitchen tools than I know what to do with.  Some guys go into Home Depot and dream about getting the big power tools (OK, I actually do that, too).  I go in to my local kitchen store (Cooks of Crocus Hill) and wish and dream. […]

Why is it as a society we seem to be suffering from a massive case of the need for instant gratification? Obama has been in office for a year and people are upset that he hasn’t closed Guantanamo, gotten us out of Iraq and Afghanistan, fixed the economy, provided universal health care, secured world peace […]