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I heard on the radio earlier today a report (one of the almost weekly reports) on the latest unemployment figures. The thing that struck me the most was the statement that for unemployment rates to go down there needs to be a decrease in new claims. That seems a little like saying to someone “To […]

32 Weeks Later


Finally!   Thirty-two weeks after being dumped from my job of over eight years and my first time not working in over 22 years I am once again gainfully employed.  I had a really great interview just over two weeks ago.   It was another long one like I had back in May (ugh, four […]

In my searching for a job, I’ve come across a lot of people who are frustrated about the whole process.  They complain that they send in a resume and never hear back.  They seem to expect the company call every single person who even sends in a resume.  It is an unrealistic expectation.  When you […]

It occurred to me today how much interviews are like dating—specifically blind dates. You send off an introduction and hope it’s interesting enough to get the other person to call. You talk on the phone for a little bit and hope you sound interesting enough to set up a date and time to meet. When […]

Rejected Again


Everybody has heard it before, but I’ll say it again: Right now the job market stinks!  I finally had another interview yesterday (I don’t want to look at exactly how long, but it has been too long).  It was with a company I have admired for years.  The interview was the longest I have ever […]

Identity Crisis


They say it is a trait of Americans that we derive a lot of our identity from our jobs. Here you ask someone “What do you do?” and you are almost guaranteed to get an answer relating to their job. In Europe I’ve heard that if you ask the same question you are as likely, […]

Being unemployed stinks!  I was let go from my job about 6 weeks ago.  Like most everyone who gets the boot from a job (especially one they’ve worked at for over 8 years) I think it was unfair.  Obviously my old employer thinks it’s perfectly fair—at least I would assume so since they actually did […]