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I heard on the radio earlier today a report (one of the almost weekly reports) on the latest unemployment figures. The thing that struck me the most was the statement that for unemployment rates to go down there needs to be a decrease in new claims. That seems a little like saying to someone “To […]

The social life of a restaurant manager can be a very unusual beast.  Mine is very much like a pink unicorn–mythical.  It does have something to do with my nature of being an introvert.  But there are other things that come into play. First off, think about the sort of activities you often will do […]

32 Weeks Later


Finally!   Thirty-two weeks after being dumped from my job of over eight years and my first time not working in over 22 years I am once again gainfully employed.  I had a really great interview just over two weeks ago.   It was another long one like I had back in May (ugh, four […]

“That’s not fair!” Parents hear this all the time when they don’t do the exact same thing for each for their children.  I think that I didn’t hear it from my son largely because he is an only child.  Where I often heard it was at work as a restaurant manager.  But people don’t realize […]