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I’ve always liked Spinach Artichoke Dip. But I have yet to find one in the grocery store that I love. They’re good enough for when I get the real bad craving, but they’re not great. So, finally I decided to make my own. This makes a huge amount, good for a party or potluck. As an […]

Went for a nice long run on the Lake Minnetonka LRT Trail last Saturday. See the full gallery on Posterous Very pretty even with the leaves all gone. I’ll definitely head back over whenever possible. It was also kind of fun to think about the fact that I ran almost completely through three different cities […]

“Protect nearby monument.” I looked across the road and thought, “Why are they concerned about this?” It doesn’t look to me to be in any danger. It’s far enough back from the river it isn’t likely to fall in. Are they worried about vandals? I looked at the sign again and saw the bottom line […]

(This sounded more eloquent in my head as I thought about it, but it was more important to me to say it clumsily than not at all.) I am extremely happy and proud to have been married to you for these last 22 years. Without you my life would not be the joy it is. […]